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New WoW event gifts loads of Travel Points, but act now

The latest World of Warcraft event will help you collect loads of Travel Points, in turn letting you grab the WoW Trading Post's new special mount with ease.

New WoW event gifts loads of Travel Points, but act now: A minotaur character on a huge canoe on a sunset background

Each month we see a new special mount added to the World of Warcraft Trading Post, and each month I feel the unquenchable urge to jump back in and get it. This time around you can pick up Quawks, a beautiful multicolored parrot, and the MMORPG‘s new event, the Thousand Boat Bash, drops hundreds of WoW Travel Points to make tempering this macaw much easier.

Thousand Boat Bash challenges players to head to Southern Kalimdor to build a boat. You’ll need to complete a few quests in order to accrue all of the necessary parts, but once you do you can zip around the seas of Azeroth for the next seven days at an impressive 330% extra speed, courtesy of the Boat Day buff.

What’s even cooler is that each boat is unique to your character’s race, so a Night Elf’s boat will look different from a Worgen’s. It’s a tiny little feature, but I am sort of obsessed with it.

While all of that in itself is a pretty good reward, you can also accrue up to 250 Travel Points during the event, meaning you’ll be able to fill up your Traveler’s Log and pick up Quawks pretty quickly this month (and also accrue an extra 200 Trader’s Tender).

Creating the Small Boat item, a result of completing all of the event quests, will net you 100 points. You can then use your boat in the Dragon Isles zones of the Azure Span, Ohn’ahran Plains, Thaldraszus, the Waking Shores to net 150 more. Not bad, is it?

A huge purple parrot with a blue body and head and a character riding it hovers in the air looking down

WoW Thousand Boat Bash event: Start & end dates

It’s worth noting that the WoW Thousand Boat Bash event beings on Tuesday, June 6 and ends on Thursday, June 8. You don’t have long to build your boat and zip around Azeroth, so I recommend jumping in now to claim the rewards.

The WoW Diablo 4 crossover event is also ongoing, so there are a lot of cool things to see, gear to grind for, and, most importantly, Treasure Goblins to kill – if you can catch them.

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