WoW unkillable Felguard bug exploited in high-level Mythics

Though discovered in World of Warcraft by accident, the Torghast Felguard buff exploiting bug has creeped into the world of Mythic+ runs.

A World of Warcraft Felguard bug is a curse disguised as a blessing.

Earlier in the week we reported on a strange World of Warcraft bug, in which a warlock’s Felguard, the beefy Rinnrike, retained the buffs from a Torghast run even after leaving the roguelike dungeon. The player, hoping to avoid a suspension for using an exploit, made every effort to rid themselves of the unearned power-up, eventually successfully ridding themselves of the forbidden fruit via the Glyph of Wrathguard. Unfortunately, not all WoW players are quite so honourable.

The player who originally discovered the bug, reddit user cc4s2b9x, came across the exploit entirely by accident. As such, they hadn’t maximised its potential, sporting a Felguard with a “mere” 400k health and 12k DPS.

Chinese WoW player Neo (灵魂复苏) posted a video to their Youtube demonstrating the destructive potential of this exploit when min-maxed. Their titanically powerful demonic companion tipped the scales at 2.6 million HP, and dished out an average of 175k DPS, peaking at times with 950k. For context, 175k is nearly 10 times the average DPS of Mythic raiders. Neo demonstrated the vicious demon in a +26 and +29 Mythic, clearing both extremely quickly, often one-shotting mobs with the devastating fel beast.

Like cc4s2b9x, Neo isn’t trying to exploit the bug for their own gains, however. They posted the video to draw attention to the bug, and to encourage Blizzard to actually fix it. Others may not have been so public spirited.

There have been indications that some recent record Mythic+ runs in China were completed with the help of this bug. Two runs of Mists of Tirna Scithe, a +31 run and a +34 run, were logged on Chinese operator NetEase – the former beats the previous record by around seven minutes, the latter by around eight minutes. What’s interesting is that the runs were completed by a group sporting two Demonology Warlocks – right after the Felguard bug was discovered. Though it can’t be proven that the group used this exploit, it’s certainly difficult to believe that the previous records would be so thoroughly smashed completely out of the blue.

Unfortunately the only exploit for acquiring the new six month subscription mount is a real life one; having a capacious wallet. Thankfully it costs nothing to get up to date with the changes coming to Rogues in Dragonflight, just check out our article.