WoW Wrath Classic player hits level 80 in less than a day

A WoW Wrath Classic player has already hit level 80 in just nine hours of playtime after abusing a bug that’s been in the game since the original WoLTK

WoW Wrath Classic player has already hit level 80: A sinister looking tower with glowing blue light an a huge skull stands in an icy area

WoW Wrath Classic has officially launched, and with it tons of dedicated World of Warcraft players grinding towards max level in the new yet familiar Northrend zone. One incredibly skilled MMORPG player has already hit level 80 during their first play session in what seems like an impossible feat.

Twitch streamer and WoW Echo Guild member Naowh was the first player to ding level 80 in Wrath Classic on his blood elf paladin named ‘Naowhpoo.’ The Echo member managed to hit 80 incredibly fast by utilizing a long-running WoW bug in Icecrown where the player tags an Elite monster that repeatedly spawns zombies until they are slain. Tag the zombies before another wave spawns, and they will despawn and still grant the same amount of XP.

The bug has been in World of Warcraft since the original days of the game, and has never been patched out. Naowh also boosted their XP by grouping up with level one characters who died in the zone causing him to obtain all of the group XP for himself.

Put all of this together and in about nine hours Naowh went from level 71 to level 80. Luckily for the streamer, he didn’t encounter the massive queue times players have been encountering upon expansion’s launch and was able to log in right away and get to grinding.

While it will take most WoW Wrath Classic players weeks to a month to reach level 80, Naowh is already on his way to end game content.

For many new and returning players WoW Classic can be quite daunting to delve into, so we’ve prepared a WoW Classic starter guide so you won’t be so lost.