World of Warplanes gets invaded by giant snowmen and UFOs in new winter game mode

World of Warplanes Winter Mode

It’s that time of year again, and Wargaming has given World of Warplanes a brand new winter themed game mode for all of its pilots to revel in the festive cheer. But it’s not just any old Christmas themed map. Nope. Players will take the reins of alien UFOs, and duke it out as a gigantic snowman look on from the distance.

The update hits tomorrow on December 18th, and in the spirit of Christmas, will be completely free.

The UFO first made its debut earlier this year as part of an April Fools joke, but now it’s here for real. The new mode will put players in the cockpit of the alien spacecraft, which fires snowballs as its main weapon. The battleground for this epic duel in the skies is the new Lapland map, which appears to be governed by mighty snowmen gods.

In addition to the winter game mode, pilots can also go on the hunt for a slew of new achievements inside 26 new missions. Update 1.6.3 will also bring with it a new unnamed US aircraft, bug fixes and matchmaking optimizations.

Keep an eye out for it landing tomorrow.