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Start World of Warships right with the König Albert and seven days of premium

New players can get off to a storming start in the leading free-to-play ship-based shooter

World of Warships is every history naval warfare buff's dream: a free-to-play game in which you get to sail around in large smoky gun platforms reverently plucked from military history while blowing up your mates. If you've always wondered whether SMS König Albert or HMS Dreadnought would win in a fight, but have yet to set sail in World of Warships, developer Wargaming has a new offer just for you.

Simply sign up for an account through this special promo link – again, it's free – and your journey in the epic naval battle game will begin with a generous haul of in-game goodies. These include the aforementioned SMS König Albert, a WWI-era German dreadnought. She's a tier III premium ship in the game, and is no longer available to purchase, making her highly exclusive. With loads of hit points and firepower within her tier, she's also easy for beginners to pick up – just look out for torpedos and more agile destroyers!

You'll also get 1,000 doubloons, an in-game currency which helps you progress along the tech tree, unlocking more advanced ships, as well as seven days of premium account time (granting you various goodies such as more credits and XP per battle).

Sounds good, right? This offer is only available to players who don’t yet have an account, so feel free to check out the World of Warships website to learn more about one of the world’s leading free-to-play action games.

Play for Free

If you’re all set to jump in, just sign up for a free account by following this link to redeem all these goodies and get off to the best possible start in the game. This offer will run until December 31 this year, so you’ve got plenty of time to claim your free German dreadnought, but it’s only open to newcomers- apologies if you’ve already started your World of Warships journey!