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World of Warships seventh anniversary bonuses revealed

It's the seventh anniversary of World of Warships, and to mark the occasion players can access a number of limited-time in-game bonuses

World of Warships image showing a boat hit by an explosion.

World of Warships has delighted fans of war games for seven years and to mark this anniversary, the developers at Wargamer are giving players a selection of nifty limited-time bonuses. Whether you’ve been playing since day one, are someone who hasn’t played in years, or are curious to start for the first time, it’s worth logging in so that you can get these bonuses before they go.

For the seventh anniversary of World of Warships, there’s a special event centred around the Master and Mistress of the Seven Seas, and you can unlock both as commanders. On top of that, there’s also the Seven Seas Collection, which lets you take a more detailed look at the game’s historic ports – giving you the chance to gain fascinating insights about these real world locations.

World of Warships seventh anniversary image showing various commanders and ships, along with the words "Claim gift"

Seasoned players may also be delighted to learn of the return of battle performance bonuses. What this means is that you will receive special rewards based on their performance in battles using ships that are Tier V are above. This is going to be particularly handy for anybody who has a huge number of ships in their collections, because you can get a bonus for each one.

Here’s a handy breakdown of all the World of Warships seventh anniversary bonuses:

  • Battle performance bonuses
  • Seven Seas Collection
  • Warship Strike minigame
  • Treasure Map quest
  • Combat missions
  • Discounts and other bonuses

This bonuses are available worldwide, apart from the UK, where none of it will be accessible.

This is one of the best WW2 games, and with so many new bonuses available right now, it would be a good time for you to dive right in.