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Updated: We had 1000 World of Warships codes to give away but they’re all gone

World of Warship

They say Helen of Troy’s face launched 1,000 ships. In a knowing subversion of Greek mythology, have given us 1,000 codes to help launch the quietly brilliant World of Warships into testing later this week. Sub (AS IN SUBMARINE, LOL) us an email address and you’ll be in with a chance of playing the third part of their Warthings triumvirate early this weekend.

If you’d like to register your interest in bobbing about in Wargaming’s ocean, you can sign into your PCGamesN account and pop an email address into the widget below. We promise it won’t be used for advertising or the sending of animated Christmas cards – only this giveaway.

You’ll know if you’ve got a code, because it’ll appear in your inbox as a message from us. After that, you’ll want to log into or register a Wargaming ID, and then head to the appropriate invite page for North America, Europe or Asia. Finally, you’ll need to enter your code on the World of Warships portal page and download the game.

The Rock-Paper-Scissors test period will run from Friday December 12 till Sunday December 14. A soggy good time will be had by all, we’re sure.

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Our Tim found that World of Warships successfully mimicked the lumbering tactical pace of World of Tanks. Is that what you’re hoping for after the more skittish Warplanes?

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