World of Warships adds “raw power and speed” with new Soviet cruisers in update 0.5.4

World of Warships

Watch out for Soviet cruisers cresting over the horizon in World of Warships today, because these deadly long-range ships have joined the battle in today’s update.

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The update adds a full Tech Tree made up of nine new Soviet warships.

Soviet cruisers are nippy ships, but not at the expense of firepower. While they’re not made for rushing in, these are long-range powerhouses, raining in shells from afar and quickly re-positioning when enemies get wind of this distant bombardment.

“We started developing the Soviet cruiser branch over two years ago,” says Artur Plociennik, World of Warships global publishing producer. “We spent a lot of time getting these vessels as authentic as possible, and we can’t wait for players to head into battle and take full advantage of their great speed and firepower.”

This new branch includes the Project 26 Kirov cruiser, a unique vessel with the size and speed of a light cruiser, but with the firepower of a much bigger warship.

Then there’s Project 66 Moskva, a ship which was only ever blueprint designed and never actually built for service.

Have a look at the full roster, along with patch notes, on the official World of Warships site.