World of Warships gets German cruisers and Soviet destroyers


World of Warships is getting some new additions to its boaty roster. Only a month after the game’s release, this update brings Germany and the Soviet Union into the fight for the seas.

Read about Wargaming’s plans for the future. Spoilers: it’s probably something to do with war and gaming, or games with war in.

The German fleet is bringing with it Dresden and Hermelin cruisers. Both are swift vessels that can outmaneuver and flank their enemies.

That’s not to say they’re weak, however. The German cruisers also boast solid armour and powerful guns, particularly as players unlock new abilities in the Tech Tree.

On the Soviet side are the Izyaslav, Gnevny and Tashkent destroyers, to name a few. These are the marksmen of the waves, so be wary of the horizon if you see one approaching.

They pick off their targets with heavy cannons and pinpoint accuracy from afar, and can also perform a rapid retreat if the need to reposition arises. Add in their strong anti-air armaments and rapidly-rotating turrets and you have some dangerous all-rounders that shine at a distance.

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