World of Warships Project R event looks to digitally restore Japanese destroyer

Project R

World of Warships has kicked off a major community event to release a new warship, the Japanese destroyer Kamikaze, but only once enough pearls have been gathered from missions. Once it’s been done, everyone who takes part will have a shot at being gifted one of a 2,000 pool being given out.

There’s a whole world of great MMOs out there to explore, not just on boats.

The pearls are collected in specially marked battles, and the stat page says 100k have already been picked up by eager sailors. Along the way, everyone who has been actively taking part will receive certain bonuses. These include credits, xp boosts, premium account time and cosmetics. The grand prize won’t be going to everyone, but those who collect 150 or more pearls before it’s all over will have a shot at getting the new ship for free.

Obviously, if they wanted to, Wargaming could just hit the button and release it today, nothing’s actually being built with imaginary pearls. They’re attempting to build community hype around their releases. My brief time in World of Tanks was fun, but part of the reason I drifted away was it never felt like I was actually part of a bigger thing, just these small battles every now and then. Whether this is the best way to go about counter-acting that is up for debate, but it’s what they’re trying to do.

It will be a while before that 10 million mark is reached, so you’ve plenty of time to grab an account and sign it up on the Project R site.