World of Warships release date is today, champagne bottles at the ready

world of warships release date’s newest free to play World War 2 multiplayer battler, World of Warships, is coming out of beta and into our ports today. This marks the removal of the beta tag and welcomes all to climb inside large floating metal death machines and get to work on their friends and rivals. A launch trailer cinematically shows off everything you’ll be blasting and sailing if you head over to the download page now.

Dear departed Steve really enjoyed the game in his World of Warships previewa couple of months back, remarking that while World of Tanks players will see similarities, there’s enough different about the high seas it’s worth a shot. Those who have never given Wargaming their time should definitely think about it – WoT at least is an odd game but immediately fun with just enough tactical choice to be made for the hardcore to stay invested.

According to this press release, you can climb aboard Cruisers, Destroyers, Battleships and even a mighty Aircraft Carrier to bring death across the waves. I’m rather interested in seeing how that last is implemented, as I found the top-down map of artillery targetting in World of Tanks a fascinating way to vary play between ‘classes’ and want to see how they’ve shaken it up here.

There’s ten maps in the first build, with games being 12v12. You can either go online or battle against bots, but if WoT is anything to go by there will be little benefit for choosing not to fight against other humans. Expect years of support, patches and updates with new maps, modes and ships in the future.