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World of Warships is going to space

world of warships space warships mode

Remember, we’re less than a week away from international “lie to people on the internet day,” or as it was once known, April Fools Day. Thankfully, developers these days are far more likely to turn their pranks into actual new modes and features for their games, and World of Warships will go on just such a comedic journey – to space!

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Running from March 29 to April 11, the Space Warships mode will be live in World of Warships. This mode will let you take one of nine unique Tier X spaceships into intergalactic battle, with each ship offering their own strengths on the field of space battle.

Here are the space vessels you can space captain.

  • FlyFire: an elegant design with excellent rocket armament and awesome stealth systems
  • Galaxy: quantum-cumulative shells and an anti-drone disruptor field will surely come in handy
  • Hellcarrier: control swarms of drones to conquer even the most distant corners of space!
  • Paris: armor and speed combined with quick-firing guns and unique ion thrusters
  • Zaya: as beautiful as a star butterfly, and as dangerous as a Tellurian serpent—that’s all you need to know
  • Norma: a special turbolaser battery with a unique reloading system, and ion rockets that obliterate all matter in their way
  • Aurora: “No phantoms shall pass” is the main motto of the engineers who designed this powerful and majestic cruiser
  • Alldestroyer: excellent all-rounder—thick armor, great guns and a large number of small laser turrets
  • Blue Aster: a good choice if you need to disintegrate another disintegrator, so that it doesn’t disintegrate your disintegrator

The mode will be available to all level 12 players who have a Tier VI ship or higher. To unlock the ships, you’ll first have to complete a “special battle mission.”

“When trying something new,” executive producer Artur Plociennik says, “we always keep in mind that we’ve got quite a dedicated fanbase following our every move. We have to set the bar high for ourselves and then check with the community whether it’s high enough—which is why we’re letting them give us their feedback for this new mode.”

Space battles have hit the game before several years ago, but according to a developer diary the new iteration of the mode has required the creation of mostly new content this time. Lead 3D artist Anton Karandin says he drew inspiration “from basically everything that was ever said, written, or filmed about space. I won’t name anything in particular. Because they’ll sue me.” Sadly, that may explain why Yamato isn’t among the space battleships this time. If you’re looking to start captaining your own vessels, World of Warships recently made the jump to Steam.