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World War 3 devs find it “hard to put in words how sorry we are”

World War 3 connection issues have ensured a rocky start for the independent shooter

Would-be World War 3 players have had to make do with sticks and stones, since the game’s been plagued with connection issues since launch. Widespread problems kept a majority of players from getting into the shooter on day one, and while some of those have been addressed there’s still quite a bit left to fix for the Early Access FPS.

World War 3 hit Steam on October 19, and immediately after launch players found themselves stuck in an endless loading screen as the game attempted to make a connection with servers. Developer The Farm 51 deployed a fix the same day, but it hasn’t solved every issue players have faced.

“We’ve taken it upon ourselves to crush every bug you reported,” the developers write in the first of a series of Steam announcements, “to iron out every single wrinkle on the canvas of our game – all that to satisfy you and make our game stand out from the early access crowd as a polished, well-cared for and properly managed title.”

This and further announcements have been almost crushingly apologetic for the game’s problems, and a handful of of further patches have assuaged but not fully stamped out the issues.

Yesterday, the developers posted another update to Steam and Twitter. “Soldiers, we’re back in the office and still on the case. Yesterday we’ve made a big progress in solving connectivity issues allowing some of you to actually play and enjoy the game. It’s still not up to par to what we want to offer you and hence round 2 is on the way. It’s really hard to put in words how sorry we are this happened. We understand your frustration and anger – it’s well justified. Thank you all for your patience and many messages of support we receive. That’s heartwarming and gives us a huge boost to fix all the problems asap.”

Some folks have managed to get into the game without issue since the patches hit, and Steam Charts currently reports nearly 10,000 players in-game as of this writing – a pretty healthy beginning for an independently-developed shooter built to take on the likes of Battlefield. World War 3.