World of Warcraft tenth anniversary detailed. You get a free corgi

world of warcraft tenth anniversary blizzard

It’s a bumper year for Blizzard. World of Warcraft’s fifth expansion, Warlords of Draenor is set to release on 13 November and this year also marks ten years since the MMO originally launched.

Blizzard have announced how they plan to celebrate the game’s first decade, it includes gifts, fighting, and corgis. As all good parties do.

Warlords of Draenor’s cinematic trailer.

Anyone who logs in between 21 November and 6 January gets themselves a Molten Corgi pet. This fiery little hound isn’t just for show it… ok, it is just for show, but dammit, look how adorable it is.

World of Warcraft Molten Corgi Blizzard

Molten Core, the classic 40 man dungeon is being rejigged to appear in the raid finder for level 100 players. If you can get to the end of the newly challenging raid then you’re rewarded with a Core Hound mount and “a Warlords of Draenor Raid Finder–quality helm (100% guaranteed!)”

Blizzard will also be “opening a Team Deathmatch–style Battleground based on the timeless struggle between Southshore and Tarren Mill.” You can only take part if you’re above level 90, however. The matches are split into two brackets 90-99 and 100. There’ll be be titles on the line for the victors, either Tarren Mill Terror for the Alliance or Southshore Slayer for the Horde.

You can find the finer details over on the World of Warcraft blog.