World of Warplanes giveaway: nab one of 100 Supermarine Type 224 planes plus some gold

World of Warplanes Dogfight

Wargaming have been generous enough to supply us with 100 codes for World of Warplanes, which grant new and existing users with a snazzy plane plus some gold! The Supermarine Type 224 was the predecessor to the famous Spitfire. It’s fitted with a Goshawk engine and supplemented with two Browning Mk.II machine guns. The code will also net you 300 gold to spend on whatever you like.

We’ve got a video of the Supermarine Type 224 in action, along with how to grab a code.

First, here’s the Supermarine Type 224 displaying its combat prowess:

Isn’t she a beauty? If you want one, listen up pilot: go into the comments and tell me what you would name your brand new Supermarine Type 224 is you owned one. Mine would be called Betty. The best entries will get the code. Note that for us to send the codes, you’ll need to provide us an email when you create an account on our site.

Deadline is this Monday at 18:00 GMT. Over and out.