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New RPG Worlds of Aria is Baldur’s Gate 3 but even more tabletop

Upcoming cozy RPG Worlds of Aria is playable right now, and narrated by Critical Role's Laura Bailey, aka Abby in The Last of Us Part 2.

Worlds of Aria Steam RPG: A smiling character from RPG Worlds of Aria

By now, most Baldur’s Gate 3 fans have probably finished at least one playthrough of the game. If not, you’ve definitely started multiple runs so that you can romance different companions or make different choices. It’s been almost a year since the game came out of early access and had its full launch, so it may be time to move on to another RPG that’s even more table top. Welcome to Worlds of Aria.

In Worlds of Aria, a new RPG that takes clear inspirations from Baldur’s Gate 3 and its narrator, you roleplay as one of 12 different characters fighting to save their kingdom from an enormous demon. While it retains the dice-based combat and skill checks present in most TTRPGs, it also utilizes the kinds of models we’d play with. Rather than life-like walking and combat animations, all the characters are figurines that get moved around the game world as if picked up and shuffled around by human hands.

Laura Bailey, famous for voicing anime and videogame characters, playing Abby in The Last of Us Part 2, and starring on Critical Role’s D&D campaigns, lends her voice to Worlds of Aria as the narrator. There’s a comedic tone throughout the game that helps to keep things light in the face of demonic devastation.

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Worlds of Aria launches Tuesday, September 24, 2024, and you can wishlist on Steam right here. There’s also a demo on Steam that you can try out, right now.

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