You killed 2.4 million worms in the Worms Rumble open beta, you monsters

2.4 million worms were killed in one weekend during the Worms Rumble open beta

The official Worms Twitter page has posted a graphic packed with statistics outlining players’, er, achievements during the Worms Rumble open beta last weekend. 208,238 unique players managed to kill 2,480,000 worms in the battle royale game. Yes, you read that correctly, almost 2.5 million worms were killed in just one weekend. An impressive, yet slightly monstrous feat, to say the least.

Outside of the worm massacre, 31,204 matches have been played in which people managed to revive 22,439 worms, which has slightly restored our faith in humanity. Players have also managed to survive around three minutes in the Last Worm Standing solo game mode, which sees worms parkour around an ever-changing map.

Worms Rumble is different from the usual strategy games in the series. Still, if you are interested in a family-friendly game with a good sense of humour, this title may be for you. People who missed out on the open beta last weekend don’t have to wait long until the online multiplayer game releases on December 1 on Steam, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

You can take a look at all the stats released below:

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