Worms WMD Liberation update brings new vehicles, weapons and maps on December 7


Worms perhaps gets more from the modern world of easily downloadable patches than any other game. With so many dials to tweak and new areas to add bits to, it’s rather easy to expand upon. Exactly that is happening on December 7, when the free Liberation update comes to Worms WMD. It brings with it new, well, just about everything.

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Here’s the full list of additions:

  • Five new single player levels
  • New drillboat vehicle, the first to be added that can travel in water.
  • Four new weapons:
    • Mischievous Drone
    • W1 Rocket
    • Tasty Worm Lick
    • Worm Stinger
  • A new theme, bringing different buildings and tunnels with it.
  • 12 more customisation options.

The new content will be premiered on Twitch over the next week in preparation for launch, which will be your first proper look at it beyond the trailer above. Details on that over on the Twitch blog.

Worms is up on Steam for £19.99 / $29.99, if you’re wanting to give it a shot.

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