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$2.5 million to whoever is best at driving tanks: Wargaming.net League 2014 begins

Eventually, the in-development World of Warships will join its warry brethren in the League.

Victor Kislyi has entered the blue-hued command centre. It is resplendent with bright LEDS and doomy bloops, reminiscent of war but signifying nothing. Men and women in military caps sit in their swivel chairs, far too close to their monitors.

It is time for the Wargames to begin.

Wargaming have cut the ribbon on their league for World of Tanks and World of Warplanes pilots (though mostly the former) today. There’s a meaty $2.5 million prize pool in it for the best of them, though the amount will be split between five regions – the Commonwealth of Independent States, the EU, North America, China, and Asia.

Wargaming’s version of Asia newly includes Korea this year, which they hope will mean a “higher degree of competition” for the continent. Which, given StarCraft, is a reasonable expectation to have of Korea.

Here’s precisely when Season 1 will start in each of those places:

  • Asia – May 10th
  • European Union – May 12th
  • North America – May 12th
  • Commonwealth of Independent States – May 19th
  • China – May 26th

“At our Grand Finals in Warsaw, Poland, we saw the sheer amount of passion, excitement, and dedication that players around the globe have for World of Tanks,” said Mohamed Fadl, Wargaming’s eSports director for Europe and North America.

“Starting up the first season of our 2014 activities will once again see the most skillful fight for the right to be called the best World of Tanks players in the world, and we can’t wait to watch the action unfold.”

It’s telling that Wargaming need to have regional eSports directors. This year, they’re planning to invest $10 million in eSports promotion alone. Are you lot interested in watching tanks tussle on Twitch?

Here’s what our Jules learned about Polish tanks at the Polish tank museum.