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Here come the tanks: World of Tanks 8.0’s new tank destroyers


Tanks are to World of Tanks like children’s dreams are to corporate business: without them the whole darn thing will lose popular support and come to a standstill. So the heaving raft of new vehicles in the upcoming 8.0 updates is the equivalent of a financial director’s haul after creeping through a nursery with a dream catcher in each hand during nap time.

Our intern has spent the day with all the tanks, and his pictures can be found below:

First up we have the tier VI SU-100m-1:

SU-100m-1 seldom has the chance to relax, but when she can, she likes to gambol through a field.

Google tells me that this dainty thing was the last tank to the ball, only entering service in the Soviet army during the last year of WWII. Don’t let its punctuality fool you though; weighing in at a sprightly 31.6 tonnes and with a cannon that could penetrate 125mm of vertical armour plating, the SU-100 (or Susan as I like to call it) wasn’t withdrawn from service till 1957.

Next up we have a tierIX destroyer, the SU-122-54:

Here, our intern manages to capture SU-122 collecting her thoughts.

This little number was first developed by the Soviet high command in 1942 as a response to the German turmgeschutz III SPGs. It’s designated the 122 because of the 122mm Howitzer it packs as its main gun. It has a top speed of 34 mph, meaning this thing is a snap for the morningschool run.

A beefy tier X, theObject 263:

Object 263 blowing off some steam.

Our intern in the field was able to catch a snap of this tank in action but the only note I have about the tank’s operating paramaters are scrawled on the back in a felt tip. I can’t quite make it out but it’s something like “Holy Fuss”. Any suggestions can be sent into the usual address.

Finally, we have the Uralmash-1:

Uralmash-1, watching the desert sun.

Again our intern has failed us. Besides the above picture he was only able to telegraph this short documentary through to the PCGamesN field base.

More of our intern’s candid shots can be found here.

It’s not just new tanks coming to World of Tanks with the 8.0 update, but a whole host of visual tweaks.