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Public test server for World of Tanks 8.5 now open


Developer Wargaming have pried open the doors to their World of Tanks test server once again, and this time players have the chance to beta test version 8.5 before it sees general release. Among other things, version 8.5 features a host of new light tanks and a new map called Pearl River.

Here are the major additions for 8.5:

  • A new branch of German light and medium tanks for the German army, including:
    • VK 20.01 (D)
    • VK 30.02 (D) v1
    • Indien Panzer
    • Prototype der Arbeitsgruppe A
    • Aufklarerpanzer Panthe
    • Leopard 1
  • A trio of light tanks for the Soviet army (the T-60, T-70 and T-80).
  • Improved graphics for the maps Malinovka, South Coast and Siegfried Line.
  • A new Pearl River map.
  • Rebalancing for scout matchmaking.
  • Premium consumables are now available for in-game credits.

Getting onto the test server is pretty straightforward. Wargaming make a different version of the game client available for download (which can be grabbed here) and this will download a separate test version of World of Tanks. You’ll be able to use your regular account to play on the test server and will also be granted a heap of gold and experience that you can unlock new tanks with, but nothing you earn while testing will be carried over to your main account.

There’s quite a lot going on under the hood for this update. For a more comprehensive list of changes, point your sights here.