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Wargaming are funding a stealth-stage mobile game developer


Wargaming have gone from nothing to everything in the space of a couple of years. World of Tanks is massively popular and certainly providing the Cyprus-based developer with a strong financial backbone. Strong enough to support another developer it would seem. GamesBeat are reporting that Wargaming are bankrolling a new start-up based in Seattle. 

The new studio, headed up by Z2 co-founder David Bluhm, doesn’t have a name yet, but will be operating on its own business and development strategy, despite being funded entirely by Wargaming. Bluhm is joined by Joe McDonagh (formerly of Card Hunter dev Blue Manchu) who will oversee production, and Julian Chunovic from Z2 and Nintendo who will look after post-production.

Unfortunately for us the studio will be outputting mobile games rather than PC, but the fact that Wargaming has the funds to be the sole financial investor into this unnamed developer is promising news indeed. It’s another notch on the tally of arguments against that whole “PC is dying and doesn’t make any money” rubbish.