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Wargaming buys BigWorld for $45m


Makers of World of Tanks Wargaming have announced that they’ve acquired BigWorld for $45m, a purchase ooh-ed and ahhh-ed by tank lovers, server lovers, and tank & server lovers the world over.

With three ‘World of…’ properties in the works – tanks, warplanes, and warships – Wargaming have decided to annex BigWorld Technologies and direct development to better work with their goals, rather than continuing as simply a client of the server company.

Wargaming’s chief executive, Victor Kislyi, told VentureBeat: “This very crucial for us, as we want to control the technology provider we are using. Now we can integrate them to make internal development more efficient.” $45m may seem like a fairly hefty sum but, with Kislyi saying Wargaming expects to reach $200m annual revenue in the not-too-distant future, it’s a small price to pay to prevent any other company buying BigWorld and reducing Wargaming’s control of it’s server architecture. Wargaming weren’t BigWorld’s only customers, and the company will continue to serve those clients under its new owners. Yes, 38 Studios can continue to receive support for its “Amalur sequel MMO Copernicus” (someone may want to update the BigWorld front page).