Wargaming CEO: British Tanks should have been in last year – “I’m guilty about it.”


Victor Kislyi, the CEO of Wargaming.net, makers of World of Tanks and developing two other World of games involving planes and battleships, has put his hands up, offered an apologetic smile and said sorry for what’s happened with British tanks in the game, during an interview with PCGamesN.

“They should have been in last year.” He starts.

“We spent a lot of resources into making this multi-cluster technology for Russia, and that delayed content development. It delayed us half a year. I’m in a position to say ‘yes, guilty’, about British Tanks.” It’s symptomatic of quite how successful World of Tanks has been, with 30 million registered accounts, 15 billion shots fired every month and 1.3 billion tanks left as smouldering wrecks. Instead of developing content, they were left with servers that were struggling, and that became a priority.
“It’s still a hard business. We should have done them sooner, but now they’re on the final stretch.” Originally announced last year, and expected to be out before Christmas, it’s looking like the British Tanks will finally grace World of Tanks by the end of Autumn.