We have 500 World of Warplanes beta codes and we want you to have them


Update: this giveaway is now closed. We hope you enjoy the codes!

Put your arms out straight out to your side. Waggle them slightly. Now say: “neeeoooowwwm. dagadagadagadagadaga. Boom!”

This is why you want a World of Warplanes beta key: because being a plane is brilliant. World of Warplanes is the latest free-to-play mechanical action sim from the team behind World of Tanks. It’s also brilliant: we’ve been playing it for a few weeks and just adore it. We’re stupidly excited to be able to give you these codes.

So here’s what we’re going to do. Hop on over to our Facebook page and Like us. Then send a private message to PCGamesN – and our best people will reply with a code. We’ll continue to send them out until they run out. Please be aware that Facebook’s privacy settings mean that there’s no guarantee we can send you a code if you just leave a comment.

To redeem your code, you’ll need to register at https://eu.worldofwarplanes.com/cbt/new/, and then enter your code at the prompt.We’ll see you in the sky. We’ll be the ones shouting DAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAAGA.

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