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World of Tanks celebrates birthday with bonus XP, cheap tanks


World of Tanks isn’t as young as it used to be. To celebrate the second birthday of the game’s European and North American servers, Wargaming have cut the cost of tanks and components, boosted experience bonuses and are running a several special events between now and 09:00 GMT April 16. That gives you plenty of time to get stuck in.

They’re also offering a small birthday present to all their players, a one-day premium account bundled with a selection of consumables.

To claim your free (and very brief) premium account, you should redeem the code 2NDBDAYTANKS through the World of Tanks website. This will give you a tankful of chocolate and cola.

The other bonuses and on offer include:

  • A 5x experience multiplier for each tank’s first victory.
  • A discount on Tier VIII Premium vehicles.
  • A profit bonus on Tier V Vehicles.
  • A discount and profit bonus on Tier VIII Vehicles and Tier VI SPGs.
  • A discount on both Equipment and Crew Training.
  • A discount on Premium Accounts.
  • A new Medal Hunt: Score the Top Gun award, by destroying six tanks, and you’ll earn an extra 25,000 credits.

European players will be able to take part in the Featherweight Anniversary Tournament, where they could win both gold and premium tanks, and a Razer’s Edge competition where the winner can… waitaminute, win a trip to Paris?!

In the meantime, the US servers are offering a selection of tank bundles until April 14.