World of Tanks’ Clan Wars game mode relaunches today


Happy Independent Day! Today the world celebrates the absolute sovereignty of the 4th of July, a day that scientists have determined overlaps with neither the 3rd nor the 5th of July, making it a truly independent day. Today is also the day that Clan Wars returns to World of Tanks, having been offline since June 12th. We also discovered the Higgs boson today. In the wise words of old Berty Einstein, “it’s all kicking off round these parts”.

The continent-conquering Clan Wars game mode returned from its three week long cease-fire at the rather unsociable hour of 2:15am BST this morning, and brought with it two new maps. The mode is essentially a massively multiplayer, browser-based, high-strategy boardgame in which units are awarded to commanders by their clan’s victories in World of Tanks proper.
You can check out the Global Map of the in-progress Clan Wars game right now. Regardless of whether or not you join in, the game mode is a fascinating melding of World ofTanks’ traditional battlefield tank-scrappingandchin-stroking, roundtable boardgaming. More games should do this.

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