World of Tanks players can collect chocolate, Coke, pudding in seasonal promotion


Well, that’s not the kind of headline that I usually write, but it is factually correct. From today until December 12th, World of Tanks players in Europe can claim free Christmas consumables by going to the game’s website and redeeming this code: HAPPYSTNCKDAY. All the gifts are in-game, I should add.

The bonus code will gift you…

  • A one day Premium Account.
  • 5 extra combat rations.
  • 5 cases of Coca Cola.
  • 5 bars of chocolate.
  • 5 improved combat rations.
  • 5 lots of pudding and tea (yeah, I know).
  • 5 cups of strong coffee.

Unfortunately, the code won’t work for US players (I know, I tried).

All credit to for the picture.