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World of Tanks update 7.4 goes live today


Man, these tanks got rhythm. They are some hip tanks, confidently firing their guns to the industrious beat of this artillery-ridden World of Tanks update trailer. Version 7.4 goes live in Europe today, with servers expected to come back online within the hour. The update introduces two completely new game modes, two new maps, as well as a contingent of new tank destroyers and French SPGs, which are a very special kind of long-range tank indeed. The trailer is, how you say, “after the jump”.

Those two new game modes are Encounter Battle and Assault. The former sees two opposing teams of armour converging on a single unfortunate base, the latter has one team defending a fortified position against an enemy player onslaught. Version 7.4 will be available to download as soon as the servers are done being tinkered with.

Now if I’m not mistaken, I can see an infamous and deadly “bush tank” at about a minute into that update trailer. WarGaming.net didn’t mention that in the press release.