World of Tanks Update 7.5 trailer trundles in


Spending a good two days among hundreds of tanks in Bournemouth gives you a little perspective. You see the great beauty of these great hunks of metal, the powerful restfulness of them. The tanks sleep. They don’t sleep in the new trailer for World of Tanks’ upcoming update, 7.5. They rampage. They galavant. They blow up. 

When we talked to Victor Kislyi, CEO of, he told us “there’s going to be a lot of tier 10 tanks.” And lo, there were many tier 10 tanks. Mediums, tank destroyers. All the tanks you could shake a stick at only to have that stick, and yourself, exploded by an HE shell. But it’s not just bigger tanks with bigger guns. “We realised we needed a lot more tier 10s, statistically, just for the sake of balance.” So the bigger guns were just happy coincidence, when you look at it like that.

Thanks to PC Gamer for uploading the trailer.

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