World of Tanks will even the playing field for 2014


World of Tanks has come a long way since its inception, but 2014 looks to be quite a game-changer for the free-to-play game. Wargaming is developing some notable improvements to the game, with a great focus on wrestling away the dominance the big clans have on the game, and evening the playing field so smaller, less experienced clans can still have fun without inevitable defeats. 

New game modes are the way forward for Wargaming’s plan, and a whole host of new abilities that means your tank isn’t the only thing to rely on in battle. 

The biggest element of rebalancing the game is Fortifications. This new mode will run in parallel to the standard game modes, and allows clans to build their own bases and fortifications in land they claim. These forts can be ransacked by other clans, but to prevent the big clans from dominating too quickly, forts can only be attacked when they have been upgraded to level 5. This means the smaller clans have time to prepare for attacks and stand a better chance of successfully defending their property.

Historical Battle Mode has been talked about since the early days of World of Tanks, and will finally arrive this year. In this mode tanks will be re-specced to the exact designs used in the battle being recreated, and tanks must fight for their home nations. Many variants of rules were tried in playtests, including sim-like difficulty levels. The final result plays very similar to standard World of Tanks to ensure fun over frustration, but the battle will still offer the flavour of real historical campaigns.

A third new mode is also in the works, although still heavily in the design phase. Garage Mode will allow you to bring multiple tanks to the field, swapping out from one to another when your tank is destroyed.

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