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World of Warplanes open beta launched. Fly my pretties


Yonks back we ran a giveaway for keys into the World of Warplanes closed beta, months on we still get requests for keys despite long ago running out. Finally all of you who have been wanting in to Wargaming’s new World of… game are able to have a piece, World of Warplanes has entered open beta.

Except, there is one minor hiccup on that front.

The World of Warplanes site is down for maintenance. That’s some bad timing on Wargaming’s part.

When the site’s back up from it’s maintenance downtime you’ll be able to sign up here.

Players who eventually get through the sign up process and gain entry to the game will find themselves in a set of 15v15 dog fights, flying planes the 1930s to the early 1950s. While the US, USSR, Germany, and Japan all make a showing, Britain is currently not represented, meaning there’ll be no spitfires on the battlefield just yet.

As covered last month, the open beta will expand as it continues, eventually allowing opportunities to spend money on in-game currency.

The launch of the open beta also marks the unification of Wargaming accounts. You’ll be logging into World of Warplanes and World of Tanks with the same account. Presumably this will mean that in future funds added to one game will be spendable in the other.

Cheers, Polygon.