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World of Warplanes to receive Japanese carrier fighters in new update


Until now, Japanese planes had been notable in their absence from the World of Warplanes beta, which made fights against the Japanese airforce more than a little one-sided. The next update to the WW2 dogfight-sim will fix this, introducing no fewer than six planes (or “birds”, if you want to show off in front of a pilot) to the Japanese Imperial Air Service. Would you like to know what they are? I’m going to tell you: the Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero, the Nakajima Type 91, the twin-boom Mitsubishi J4M1 Senden interceptor-fighter, and three prototypes, Kyushu J7W1, J7W2, and J7W3.
Planes, reports Massively.

“The inclusion of Japanese warbirds… [is] really going to provide players with a wide variety of tactical freedom in how they play the game and combat other players,” promises Wargaming.net producer Anton Sitnikau.

Check out Massively for short trailer demonstrating the Japanese birds in action. Some of those prototype jets look sleekly futuristic, like what Asimo might have looked like had he been a warplane in the 40s.