World of Warplanes shows off its carrier fleet


With the huge success of World of Tanks, is setting their sights high, staring into the middle distance and picking up bits of grass before letting them tumble down to the ground, observing the slight flutter of the wind as it catches each blade. It’s because they’re like pilots, and their new game is about airplanes. 
And now they’re showing off some of the airplanes they’re going to let you crash and burn in period-accurate landscapes. Some of those airplanes are bloody mental. One looks like a flying dinnerplate with propellers attached. Those WW2 engineers were a mad bunch.

We played World of Warplanes recently, and came away expecting it to do really rather well once it comes out of beta. We also came away leaving the wreckage of many destroyed airplanes in our wake, because we, unlike most of the Alpha testers, are terrible pilots. Expect to see it released before the end of the year, when you’ll be able to dogfight without the dogs, and strafe without the D and A keys.