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World of Warplanes takes off, a bit like a plane might


World of Warplanes is neeeeeeuuuuuoow out, and a cockpit is ready and waiting for you to hop into it should the mood take you.

After four and a half months of World of Warplanes open beta and a final walk-around check of all its free-to-play systems, Wargaming.net have decreed their dogfighting game ready to take on a paying public.

These days, it features five different nations – Germany, Japan, the US, USSR, and USSRN’T – sorry – Great Britain. Between them, there’s over 100 (war)planes to pootle about the sky in, including iconic air machines like the Supermarine Spitfire and Messerschmitt Bf. 109. “Many more” are promised for future updates.

World of Tanks players will find that their existing accounts and the premium account time held within are valid for use in the new game. And Wargaming.net are commemorating the occasion with a race to Tier X – World of Warplane’s top rank, where early birds will find prizes including ten years of premium account time.

Open beta players will find all of their progress wiped. Such is the way of these things – though some bonuses will carry over, like victory marks and exclusive aircraft.

Go to the official hub to sign up, where you’ll be asked to pick between North American and European versions of the site – just the first of many exciting choices to be made in the company of World of Warplanes. Do you think you will?

Thanks, RPS.