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World of Warplanes, Tanks and Battleships to share experience: Wargaming want you to be “comfortable grinding where you want to grind”


The last time we met Wargaming.net, the slightly adorable madmen behind World of Tanks, Battleships and Warplanes, we had a chance to chat about their plans to unite the games under one online service. While the plans are still under-development the team are talking of shared XP pools, shared medals, and more.

Speaking with PCGamesN, Wargaming CEO Victor Kislyi also revealed that it would be a “one battle universe” and that there would be experience transfer across the games. “You will be able to transfer experience from one game to another, comfortably grinding where you want to grind, and you can spend your experience in another game.”

Victorfended off questions about the possibility of joining World of Tanks, Warplanes and Battleships in one game mode. “Right now we don’t have plans for the nearest future to combine three games on one battlefield. That would be another game.”

The focus instead, he say, is “to concentrate on quality Tank gameplay, quality Warplane gameplay and quality Battleship gameplay.” That will be followed with a combined Clan Wars map that “is not in final design yet.”

Victor’s enthusiasm for the new service is infectious. “There aremany cool features you can think of for Word of Tanks like Facebook connectivity, immediately posting your replays” and concluded that “there is a long list of features, hundreds and hundreds of features. We just have a schedule and we will gradually develop them.”

What’s heartening is how much effort Wargaming are putting into their next title. When World of Tanks was released, it was viewed as the slightly scrappy under-poodle: and its success was unprecedented. World of Warplanes is different: Wargaming have considerable resources in place. Players are expecting a step-change in quality.

“There are millions of enthusiasts for flight simulation games,” says Victor “so we cannot disappoint them. World of Tanks was a game nobody was expecting anything from” he continued, “we could afford a couple of rough edges, it was not perfect we just had this opportunity to release what we had then build that and upgrade it as we were going. With World of Warplanes we don’t have such luxury because of the success of Word of Tanks we can literally feel cameras and microphones pointing at World of Warplanes. The Industry and players expect nothing but top notch quality in everything; graphics, sound, controls, content, visuals. Everything”

World of Warplanesis really good though. Like, really, really good.