World of Warplanes tutorial trailer aids in fancy-pants aerobatics


GTA V’s drug run missions have taught me the two basic rules in piloting: make sure the nose is always at least 90 degrees from the ground, and don’t make the same mistake with the wings you did with the long parcel and the doorway. Oh, and a third: don’t ever land, if you can help it. You’ll only muck it up. reckon there’s more to be said, though, and have put together a seven-minute tutorial for budding dogfighters coming to World of Warplanes.

Rather than delve into complex engineering, Warplanes employs a simple class system that you’ll find explained here. Between fighters, heavy fighters and ground attack types, there’s a metal bird for every sort of potentially unpleasant mid-air event:

Having watched the video, you’ll now also be up to speed on the particulars of afterburning, and attacks planned in conjunction with other players. At the very least, you can now nod in learned respect rather than shred your keyboard of its keys the first time you fall foul of a tandem assault.

World of Warplanes launched at the end of August. Has that been time enough for you to get to grips with it?