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$60 boost to level 90 appears in World of Warcraft shop

World of Warcraft level 90 boost

How much would you pay to boost your character from 1-90 in World of Warcraft? A tenner? Maybe a bit more? How about $60? WoW Insider spotted a new service in the shop between server restarts offering players a quick boost to max level for $60 today. 

That’s the full price of a game, and not a cheap one, at that. There’s also a good chance it’s how much you’d spend getting up to 90 were you to take it very slowly. Is the chance to skip the leveling process worth that?

I actually love going through 1-90, but more than likely it’s because I frequently take long breaks from WoW. I’m rarely in the position where I have to go through content that I’ve already seen countless times before. I enjoy the quest text, relish the chance to get used to a new class and make quite a few new adventuring chums as I tackle the early dungeons.

But there’s definitely a temptation to skip right to the end-game. I don’t subscribe to the theory that MMOs only get good when you’ve hit the level cap, but there’s certainly plenty of new things to do and it’s where the greatest challenges are located. Yet, I can’t imagine playing a level 90 character I hadn’t spent many hours working on. I appreciate the history each of my characters have.

When Warlords of Draenor drops, we’ll also have a free opportunity to boost one character. So if you are tempted to use this service when it goes live but balk at the thought of shredding money, it might be worth holding off.

Cheers, WoW Insider.