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Azeroth Choppers: World of Warcraft does American Choppers, and nothing makes sense any more

Azeroth Choppers

It can’t be real, but it is. Azeroth Choppers is a bizarre reality web show that pits two teams, one led by Blizzard wordsmith Chris Metzen, the other led by art director Sam Didier, against each other as they build custom choppers. 

That shouty man from American Choppers will be helping them. What chopper is the best chopper is up to fans, as they’ll vote on which bike ends up in World of Warcraft. 

Both bikes will reflect one of the two playable factions, Alliance and Horde, but only one will make it into the game.

Competitiveness is part and parcel of the WoW experience, and I can’t imagine many players not having a preference. And reality TV feeds off that sort of stuff like a succubus. So I understand why they’ve made the show a competition, but it’s a shame that this means one faction will end up losing out.

Chances are, most folk will just vote for the bike from their faction. Mind you, it’s a free chopper, so it’s hard to complain. I don’t care about the web series, I just want to ride around in a flash new ride.

Things will get ridiculous on April 17th.