Blizzard cancels WoW’s Spirit of Competition. London 2012 Olympics ruined for everybody


Cancel the Olympics. Everybody out of London. Pack away the hurdles. Put all that longjump sand in this bag. I don’t care where you put it, just get it out of my sight. Athletic festivities are cancelled because Blizzard have just destroyed the Spirit of Competition, the every-other-yearly event invented to celebrate the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Back then, if you were victorious in any battleground you’d have a chance of picking up the Spirit of Competition, a tiny dragon pet who’d follow you around and look a bit Chinese. For London 2012 we get nothing. Not even a grubby pigeon pet with mangled, scabby toes.

The news of Spirit of Competition’s Olympic no-show was tweeted by Blizzard community manager Zarhym, who says they’ve been too busy focusing on the Pokémon-styledPet Battles update to Mists of Pandaria to create a new London-themed Spirit of Competition. What a shame! Just imagine what new companions they could’ve created, given the rich culture of the Olympic home nation:

  • A two-foot tall LOCOG brand officer. Auto-discards any items in your inventory not officiallyendorsed by London 2012 sponsors, reports you to Blizzard over and over
  • A tiny black cab. In exchange for gold will ferry you to any town at a fraction of your character’s walking speed
  • The Coca-Cola ribbon. Gently flaps against the faces of enemies, who receive a “type-2diabetes debuff” lasting for the rest of their lives
  • Half-size Boris Johnson. Cannot be dismissed once summoned, just babbles constantly and can never ever be stopped
  • A cheeky wisecracking knife. On summoning has a0.1% chance to auto-shank somebody in your group
  • A jellied eel? I don’t know
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