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Blizzard takes aim at Guild Wars, begins Mists of Pandaria pre-launch events on Guild Wars 2 release date


Blizzard are knocking heads with ArenaNet by starting the pre-launch events for the Mists of Pandaria on the release date of competitor Guild Wars 2.

According to MMO-Champion, the Mists of Pandaria pre-launch patch, which is available to download as we speak, goes live on the 28th August. The six gigabyte download will bring with it new events to set the pace for the release of the expansion on the 25th September.

Is itcoincidencethat this patch activation falls on the day that Guild Wars 2, the other majorly anticipated fantasy MMO out this year, opens its doors to the public? Just how many players will be torn away from their new game in favour of their old Warcraft companion?

Still, at least it will take the pressure off the Guild Wars servers a little. We wouldn’t want a repeat of Blizzard’s Diablo launch.