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The Candyman cometh: World of Warcraft gets eggcited about Noblegarden

World of Warcraft Noblegarden

The citizens of Azeroth sure like to celebrate, in between going to war and travelling across time and space, that is. For the next week, World of Warcraft will be infested with sweets, eggs and people dressed up as rabbits. A traditional Noblegarden celebration, then. 

As always, there are a plethora of activities offering respite from the never-ending quest to slaughter just about everything. 

There’s hunting for painted eggs and chocolate, daily quests, and themed costume pieces so you and all your chums can look like heroic prats.

Noblegarden chocolate either tastes truly awful or so amazing that it’s better off as currency than food. You can spend the chocolate on the swift springstrider mount, a spring rabbit pet and – if you’re a mage – a polymorph tome that turns people into rabbits.

The celebration runs until April 28th, so you have six more days to scour the world for eggs and treats while you take a break from saving the world.