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Hearthstone board crops up in World of Warcraft files, nobody knows why


Cozily-titled digital CCG Hearthstone is subtitled Heroes of Warcraft, so it’s no chair-vacating surprise to discover it’ll have a relationship of some sort with Blizzard’s mammoth MMO. We now know that the two games’ tango will begin with an in-game replica of Hearthstone’s board, found this week buried deep within WoW’s files.

What we don’t know is what it’s for.

Here’s Hearthstone’s arena, for reference:


And its redesign according to WoW’s chunky aesthetic:


And if you like, you can watch the clip below for the full game-show swivel treatment, courtesy of MMO Champion. Don’t mind the dog:

I don’t imagine we’ll be able to play Blizzard’s new game within their MMO, delicious though the thought is. But perhaps the NPCs will. What do you think?