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Hearthstone marches into open beta next month and a mobile version is on the cards

Hearthstone open beta

If you weren’t lucky enough to get a coveted Hearthstone closed beta key from us when we did our huge, site breaking give away last month, then you’ve probably been a bit gloomy, while the rest of us have been having an absolutely delightful time fighting each other with our deadly decks. Sorry about that. 

Your time watching from the sidelines is almost over, however, as Blizzard has announced the shift to open beta, set for next month. And if you can control yourself just a little bit longer, they’re only blooming making a mobile version for iPhone and Android devices. You’ll have to wait until the second half of next year for those, however, according to Blizzard’s Rob Pardo. 

With open beta in sight, Blizzard has been adding a spot of polish to the already shiny game, promising a new ranked mode for those of you with a competative bent and animated heroes that you can earn as you increase your rank. As if I didn’t have enough reasons to stay up until four in the morning despite looming deadlines.

Really, though: Hearthstone on the go? How am I going to get any work done.