Heroic Garrosh defeated in World of Warcraft’s Siege of Orgrimmar


Since the implementation of World of Warcraft’s 5.4 patch early this month, Azeroth has been in a state of temporal flux. For most players, Garrosh Hellscream is still holed up beneath Orgrimmar with his all-orc army, taunting more boring races into intervention. On a handful of accounts worldwide, however, he’s been laid low and the Horde has a new warchief. And on fewer still – just one group, in fact – he’s been defeated in Heroic mode.

WoW’s nightmarish raid variant can be run only once per day for each character, and Orgrimmar is as tough as they come. But the 10 player version of the encounter has been overcome by 天 啟, a disciplined Asian outfit with a 573+ item level. That’s notably higher than that of the very top EU and American guilds, who currently boast 565.

Five other groups are on the cusp of toppling Garrosh: Paragon and Depraved have felled 13 of the Siege of Orgrimmar’s 14 bosses in 10 player Heroic mode, and Method, Blood Legion, and Экзорсус are the guilds threatening to do the same with 25 players.

Garrosh was first deprived of his ego in Normal mode two-and-a-half weeks ago by Alliance guild Availed on Anvilmar-US. Here’s what they saw:

Are you currently raiding in WoW? If so, is Hellscream the endgame for you?

Thanks, MMO Champion.