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Horde or Alliance: Azeroth Choppers wants you to choose your ride

Azeroth Choppers vote

The penultimate episode of Azeroth Choppers, the bizarre reality webshow that combined American Choppers with World of Warcraft, sees the Horde and Alliance teams finish their choppers. 

The bikes were made by two teams, one led by Blizzard scribe Chris Metzen and the other by art man Sam Didier. They also had help from that angry chopper-making fellow from American Choppers. 

With the show gearing up for the finale, it’s time to vote on which bike deserves to be added to World of Warcraft as an in-game mount. If wouldn’t be reality TV without disappointment and losers. 

Here’s the Alliance hog.

And here’s what the Horde would be riding.

Both do look pretty neat, though if I had to pick, it would have to be the Horde bike. Tusks, man. Tusks.

Will any of you lot be voting, or is this just a bit too silly?

Cheers, MMO Champion.