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If you’d like to know who World of Warcraft’s new Horde warchief is, step this way


Garrosh Hellscream: bit of a knob. In WoW’s 5.4 update, he’s turned Pandaria’s Valley of Eternal Blossoms 50 shades of grey and holed himself up beneath Orgrimmar, wearing nothing but a come-hither scowl and as many spikes as he could fit on his person. It’s an admirable statement of intent, but as Azeroth’s UN close in, you could hardly blame the Horde’s governing board for looking into potential replacements.

Alliance guild ‘Availed’, of Anvilmar-US, were the world’s first to fell Garrosh in a normal 10-Man defeat. Here’s what they saw.

This is sort of your last warning – if you’re wanting to uncover the next major twist in WoW’s tale yourself, do not watch the ending cinematic below:

Or read the following Alliance dialogue:



All that shushing and reverence was quite sweet, wasn’t it? “Nobody’s ever seen this before”.

Thanks, WoW Insider.