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Law and Order: Garrosh Hellscream faces trial in new World of Warcraft novel

Garrosh in chains

Oh Garrosh, you just can’t help yourself. All that butchery and sin was only going to land you in chains someday, and now here you are, awaiting trial for that messy siege of Orgimmar. The details of your crimes have all been written down in this neat little book called World of Warcraft: War Crimes, and is no doubt on the recommended reading list for the Jury. It’s also available to non-Azeroth folk, too.

In other words: there’s a new World of Warcraft tie-in novel available to buy now. 

War Crimes is penned by Christie Golden and examines the atrocities Azeroth’s most infamous orc has committed over his blood-drenched career. But as Garrosh’s trial delves deeper, it is revealed that not everyone else in the ‘good’ column may be as innocent as they seem.

If you want to get a taste of what is no doubt gaming’s trial of the century, you can read a sample chapter over at the World of Warcraft blog, drawn from Chapter 12. The book itself is available from publisher Simon & Schuster, in physical, audio, and digital forms.