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Let’s investigate the first picture from the Warcraft movie

Warcraft movie picture

The Warcraft movie!? Why are you writing about this tripe instead of all of these games that people seem to like, I hear you cry. Hold your horses, though. We’ve got pictures now, you see. Things become much more real and important when you’re staring right at them. Just like the way director Duncan Jones is staring at two blurry men on a small screen. 

Gaze upon the first photo from (the set of) the movie. Then we’ll talk.  

Okay. I’m going to assume you’ve looked at it long and hard. At least ten of you will have sniffed it. And what can we discern from this static image of a man looking at another image? Well, we now know that there will be gentlemen wearing robes. There are definitely robes in the Warcraft universe. So far, so good.

We can tell more than that, surely? Perhaps. There are at least three humans (if we believe the armoured chap in the background is, indeed, human), so we’re probably looking at a scene in human territory. I know, I know, I should wear a deerstalker.

Let’s delve deeper! The banner hanging from the wall is definitely blue, and maybe a little gold, too. What’s blue and gold and found on banners and flags and junk? The emblem of Stormwind, of course. So we’ve got a couple of fellas, looking like they’ve got sticks up their backsides, looking deadly serious in a room with a Stormwind banner. I’m going to suggest it’s not a pub, and that it is in fact the Stormwind throne room.

It must be a bloody good scene too. Jones looks blooming riveted. I’m pretty excited, too, but only because of Clancy Brown.

Cheers, Dark Horizons.