Mists of Pandaria Collector’s Edition pets and mounts given visual form


With all this talk of secret worlds, wars between guilds and even entire hemisphere’s at war, it’s easy to forget that maybe there’s another great big slice of MMO goodness headed our way in the tail end of this year. Mists of Pandaria is shaping up to be pretty snazzy, and, as is only right, it’s coming with a great big Collector’s Edition, complete with unique mount and pet. Blizzard have posted screenshots of the very same on Facebook, recreated for you in small boxed image above.

There’s a pair of other images, focusing on the mount, which is a giant jade golem type thing, looking more stoic than fearsome, and the pet, which is some sort of dangerous science experiment where they slice the head off a bulldog and a lion, and then slap one on the other. This is the cute result. You don’t want to see a bulldog with the head of a lion. It’s both fearsome and terribly sad.
There’s no date on Mists of Pandaria just yet, but it’s looking increasingly likely that we’ll be seeing it before the end of the year. Wouldn’t that be nice?